Lactantia®The Dairy Products of Connoisseurs

Our story starts over70 years ago

with Lionel Beaudet, a visionary dairy producer from Victoriaville, Quebec. Driven by his passion for all things nature, his mission was simple: to preserve the wholesome goodness that brings out the best in fresh dairy.

A History of Connoisseurs

The company is founded by Lionel Beaudet in Victoriaville, Quebec.

Strategically located among the best Holstein and Ayrshire cattle breeders in all of Eastern Canada.


Lactantia® Extra Fine Butter is launched.

Introducing its breakthrough aluminum packaging.


Lactantia® brings European style butter to Canada.

The launch of “My Country” unsalted cultured butter is a huge success


Lactantia® PūrFiltre, the original microfiltered milk is launched.

A first on the market, making it a breakthrough innovation. At last, a milk free of preservatives that stays fresh for longer.


Lactantia® launches Lactose Free Milk range.

Easy to digest and easy to love.


Lactantia® installs a new bottling line in Brampton, Ontario.

This packaging format is revolutionary in increasing shelf life from 39 days to 180 days for dairy in Canada on top of being BPA free.


Lactantia® UltraPūr is launched.

With 50% more protein and a source of 10 essential nutrients.


The DFC’s Blue Cow logo will now appear on our Lactantia® butter products! This latest addition to our lineup of products that proudly bear the Blue Cow logo further highlights the great Canadian pride we take in preserving the quality and craftsmanship of our popular products.


And not much haschanged since.

To this day, we continue to walk in Beaudet’s footsteps by celebrating farm-fresh tradition and quality products that respect the purity of nature.

Whether it’s our PūrFiltre milks or the butter that started it all, the result is always great tasting dairy you can feel good about. No more, no less.