About Lactantia®

For generations, dairy farmers across the land have been working from dawn to dusk, caring for their herds so that we and our families can experience the pure pleasure of farm-fresh milk.


Today, Lactantia’s® dairy producers carry on the tradition of hard work and dedication to provide us with premium quality milk, so we can offer the wholesome goodness of farm-fresh tradition in all our dairy products.


Almost 70 years ago, a visionary dairy producer from Victoriaville, Québec, introduced the first aluminum-wrapped butter bearing the name Lactantia®. It was the beginning of a beautiful journey.


Since then, Canadian families have come to appreciate Lactantia’s® dairy expertise, enjoying its deliciously pure, natural and creamy milk in all its diverse ways – from the original PūrFiltre milk to milk beverages formulated with added health benefits, to other premium dairy products including delicious flavoured milks, premium iced coffees, creams, cream cheeses, and of course, the butter that started it all.


Lactantia®, farm-fresh taste for generations.